30 Day Chart Challenge - interactive plots

This post hosts the interactive plots from the #30DayChartChallenge. This will be updated throughout the 2022 challenge.


April 18, 2022

on the preview image The preview image is part of my Day 02 plot on gender inequality among Nobel Prize laureates.

Day 14: “relationship | 3 dimensional”

For this day I used ECharts via the echarts4R package. The application / usability of 3D plots in dataviz is highly debated. And yes, a static image of a 3D plot can make interpretation and especially comparing exact values difficult. If you have an opinion on 3D in DataViz, please let me know and leave a comment below!

But where 3D shines is interactive visualizations. You can move the data around, zoom in, filter etc. This can make data more palpable and by this in my opinion more accessible in the end. So go ahead and explore the palmer penguin data in 3 dimensions:

Day 16: “relationship | environment”

What a great coincidence, that this week’s #tidytuesday is about indoor pollution and economics. This is a great dataset to show how the environment is related to other factors.

Day 17: “relationship | connection”

Today’s dataviz is about historical connections between countries. In particular I visualized the #tidytuesday data of week 28 (2021) on independence days. The data was scraped by #tidytuesday from Wikipedia back in 2021.

Note: This globe might have a few data problems, as the original data was scraped and I know that a few countries were lost during preparation for this plot, due to inconsistent naming and therefore conversion errors. I just didn’t have the time to manually curate everything. So in summary: this is by no means complete nor a historically or politically solid representation, but rather a demo of an interesting interactive DataViz. Enjoy, hovering the data points, and dragging/zooming the globe to see more details!